Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lamborghini's Super SUV

Lamborghini is under heavy pressure from parent company Volkswagen to start bringing in more benjamins and turn their losses into gains. In order to keep their parents happy Lamborghini will be introducing an SUV to diversify their lineup. A lambo SUV? It’s a little hard to imagine what this “super” utility vehicle will look like but this isn’t the first time a supercar company has branched out into other markets. Ferrari recently introduced the FF which is geared more towards the family man. And Porsche has been producing the Cayenne SUV for 10 years now. Rumors say the new family sized bull will have the same V10 engine as the Gallardo which produces 575 hp. That’s a couple more than a Mazda CX-9 or Hyundai Santa Fe. Rumor also has it that Lamborghini has named their new beast the Urus which is based off the larger ancestor of today’s cattle. While all this gossip is exciting, look for the actual truth to be revealed at the Beijing Motor Show next week.
Lamborghini SUV to be named the Urus – going to Beijing Motor Show

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