My Rides

So your probably wondering what kind of incredible cars a car enthusiast such as myself would own and drive on a daily basis. Let's just say I've had a pretty interesting car history. The very first car I owned when I was 16 was a 1983 Cadillac Eldorado. Oh ya, that's right. It was sweet. It had the vinyl top and everything, well let me rephrase that, at one point it had a vinyl top that throughout the years had decayed to show the fiberglass underneath. It had electric leather seats, the signature electric trunk that most cadi's have, and all four of those beautiful hubcaps. For a mere $800 it was a solid purchase. The only thing wrong with it was the plugged catalytic converter which robbed whatever power that big old V8 had left in it after 30 years. Due to this my top speed was around 45 mph and it took about a month to get it up to that. And a giant hill that I could pick up speed on. I did have some pretty awesome experiences in this boat of a car though. At one point I had an 80 year old man stuck behind me on the road as I was trying as hard as possible to reach the speed limit of 35 mph. As he flew past me on the left when the opportunity arose he let me know how displeased he was with his middle finger. That was a first for me coming from a senior citizen. Another time my buddy and I were taking the beast up the mountain to go snowboarding and I had a line of 16 cars full of very frustrated people behind me. I thought about pulling over to let them pass but I didn't want to lose any precious momentum. I actually blew the motor on the way home from that trip. But it got us there and that's what counts. Eventually the drivers side window motor gave up, with the window stuck down of course, so I taped a beautiful shower curtain around the window frame to keep the rain and car thieves out. This made it kind of hard to go through the drive thru at Del Taco so instead I backed through and had my friends order from the passenger side of the car. Yep, good times. I learned a lot from that car. I'll never forget those incredible experiences that me and the Cadi had together. So there ya have it, my first car ever. Check back later and I'll fill ya in on some other pretty awesome cars I've had throughout the years. Trust me the list gets better.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with some good high school car stories. Fill me in on what kind of cars all of you drove in highschool and maybe some priceless experiences you had with them.


  1. Reminds me of my 1988 Oldsmobile , except mine was ridiculously fast. I raced a new (in 2006) eclipse GT and won. I knew the person driving and when they brought it up at school the next day, they asked me how fast I topped it out at. I said I had no clue because the speedometer stopped at 85. They said they pulled back at 120. And instead of a window, I had the front tire fall off. twice. The lugs were just so worn that they all broke. And another time where I jumped a bridge (regularly 65 was pretty good, I was going around 85) and bottomed out, cracking the transmission pan, leaving all the fluid to leak out and from that point on after it was fixed, 2nd gear did not exist. But that thing's computer had everything... average AND instantaneous gas mileage AND cruising range, oil life monitor, separate driver/passenger climate control, automatically closing trunk... all made in 1988. IGBH (for In-Grown-Butt-Hair) treated us well and I have such fond memories.

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