Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2015 Subaru WRX: Fantastic or Fugly?

The recent release of the 2015 Subaru WRX has created an immense amount of hype in the automotive world, especially for those who are devoted to the Subaru way of life. It’s easy to understand why too with the vast amount of changes the new model has undergone. From its looks to its suspension and even the engine the new WRX is a very different beast than the last. Subaru focused most of their efforts on the new WRX's handling. With stiffer springs, a more rigid body, bigger brakes and now standard Active Torque Vectoring to help with understeer first reviews confirm increased handling  abilities over the last model. Power is up as well with 268 hp and 258 torques although the 0-60 time has dropped some. So on paper it sounds as though the new WRX will be fantastic. But what about the way it looks? From the front it resembles the Legacy GT of old and from the side the rear of the car almost has a BMW look to it. When most anticipated a more aggressive “in your face” type styling Subaru decided to soften things up a bit. So what do you think? Do its looks resemble an AWD monster that can thrash any surface you throw at it, or is it something your Grandma could take to K-mart on a Saturday afternoon with no one looking twice?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Famous Mustaches and the Cars Behind Them

The iconic mustache. A symbol of strength, determination, and ruggedness. No other strip of hair has one, let alone two entire months devoted to it (Mustache March and Movember). Though it may come in many different shapes and sizes the men who bear this great symbol all have one thing in common, they mean business. But what really sets America's greatest mustaches apart from the rest are the incredible cars behind them. While it might not be March or November I believe it's still appropriate to pay tribute to some of the greatest Mustaches ever grown, and the cars that supported them all along the way. Hit the jump for todays epic car and the mustache behind the wheel.