Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Famous Mustaches and the Cars Behind Them

The iconic mustache. A symbol of strength, determination, and ruggedness. No other strip of hair has one, let alone two entire months devoted to it (Mustache March and Movember). Though it may come in many different shapes and sizes the men who bear this great symbol all have one thing in common, they mean business. But what really sets America's greatest mustaches apart from the rest are the incredible cars behind them. While it might not be March or November I believe it's still appropriate to pay tribute to some of the greatest Mustaches ever grown, and the cars that supported them all along the way. Hit the jump for todays epic car and the mustache behind the wheel.

Mustache. Who's the first person that comes to mind when you simply read the word? Yep, Tom Selleck. And when you think of Tom Selleck what's the first show that comes to mind? That's right, Magnum PI. And when you think of Magnum PI it's impossible not to think of the true star of the show, the Ferrari 308 GTS.

Every single episode involved Magnum burning rubber in the iconic Italian sports car. And who can blame him? With a testerone pumping mustache like his I'm surprised he was able to get any investigating done at all.

The original 308 was called the GT4 and was introduced in the 1975 Paris Motor Show as a replacement for the Dino 246. The GT4 was the last Ferrari to bear the "Dino" badge which indicated it's powerplant was not a V12. By the time the GTB was introduced a few years later it came out of production wearing a proper Ferrari badge. With Pininfarina styling and a more powerful 3.0 liter V8 coupled to a 5 speed gearbox the 308 GTB was a fresh and exciting addition to the Ferrari lineup. The original GTB was given DOHC and 4 Weber carbeurators which produced a solid 240 HP. By the late 70's that number plummeted to 205 due to the U.S.'s suffocating emissions standards. In 1980 Ferrari replaced the Weber carbs with fuel injection but the 3.0 liter remained at 205 HP.
In 1982 the Quatrovalvole, or QV model featured 4 valves per cylinder and a higher compression ratio which bumped power back up to 230 HP. The famous GTS, or GT Spyder version featured in Magnum PI had the removable center roof piece which made chasing bad guys along hawaiian coastline roads even more exciting. The independant front and rear suspension, hydraulic shocks and ventilated disc brakes also helped the chase. All in all the 308 was a great car that got better every year it was produced. The best part about all of this is that so many of these cars were produced that you don't have to have a perfectly groomed mustache and the last name of Selleck to get your hands on one. Although it probably wouldn't hurt your chances. Check back for more epic cars and the famous mustaches driving them.

Just in case you haven't seen the intro in a while......


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