Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If I had a billion dollars

By: Gregan Pace

So you win the lottery for 350 million dollars, find a great investor who quadruples it and you, plus your following six generations are set for life. What do you buy? I think everyone has that list of ridiculous things they will buy next month when this happens. My list starts and ends with my garage. I once saw a home with car risers in the garage so it could park 6 cars in a 3x2 fashion. It was cool. Of course these cars included a Mercedes, Ferrari, and Aston Martin among others. Throw in one of the 10 PPI tuned Audi R8s and tools to work on just about any project I could want, and this fulfills my criteria.
But what about when you check everything off that list, buy all of your family and friends a BMW, and spend years travelling the world? What do you buy next? I ran out of ideas pretty quick, but when it comes to the professional money-spenders, there are a few people who really go above and beyond. Take a look at these ridiculous paint jobs and insane aesthetic mods people have done to their cars that really make them stand out above the rest. 

The chrome and gold plating of high-end cars has become all the rage in the middle east and eastern Europe. This 6 figure add-on is sure to catch the eye of any and all people within 40 miles of direct sunlight.

The Chrome Plating

If you are looking for a truly one of a kind ride, or are a 13 year-old girl, have we got the car for you…

The Matte Purple Checkered Audi R8

The only way to off-road in a suit.

The Rally-Ready Rolls

Bugatti showed off this factory produced special addition Veyron Grand Sport L’Or Blanc followed by a lengthy justification for putting porcelain on and in the worlds fastest production car. To us, it’s just weird, ugly, and worth a lot of money.

The Porcelain Veyron

Literally. This car, fit with 300,000 crystals, was a show car worth $1 Million. $1000 fee required just to touch it. A similar Benz belongs to the Prince of Saudi Arabia, but this time covered in diamonds, estimated worth at $4.8 million.

So when you are sitting in your million square foot home with too much money and nothing to do, you could ask around to see if you can get one of these. That is, if you can stomach looking at it for longer than 30 seconds… Personally, I would rather stick to my PPI R8.

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