Wednesday, February 22, 2012

That's a Scion??

So after thinking about what the first "official" post should be on this blog, I figured it might as well start with a bang. Introduce: The 2013 Scion FR-S!! Also known as the Toyota FT-86 or the Suburu BRZ depending on what country you live in. But the name that we will most definitely become familiar with here in the states is Scion FR-S. That stands for Front-Engine, Rear Wheel Drive, Sport. Sounds good already:)

Toyota and Suburu came together to create this awesome 2.0 liter boxer engine that puts out a decent 200 hp. From what it sounds like though that 200 hp is more than enough to zip this thing around a track. They will offer a 6 speed manual or 6 speed auto with paddle shifters. While all of those stats sound nice and all, probably the most incredible thing about this car is the way it looks. It’s gorgeous! It looks like a Lexus LFA that got swallowed by a Scion. Now you might be wondering why I brought this car up in the very first post on this blog. Funny enough this is the car my wife wants as her daily driver, how sick is that! She originally wanted a Civic SI and then we saw the FR-S and it was love at first sight. If we were to purchase one of these in the future I'm pretty sure I'd steal it from her every day. This beauty is set to go on sale this spring and will likely be a common sight on the road soon after. Check out this Test Drive video that gives you an idea of what this FR-S is capable of.

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  1. They will be selling the subaru and scion both here in the states. From other reviews, the scion is a little more tail happy, (which in turn makes me more happy) and the subaru is designed to give a touch more understeer. Not sure why. I hate that I would rather drive the scion over the subaru... I mean, I coule never tell most of my friends I bought a scion.