Tuesday, February 21, 2012



Hey everyone welcome to Acceleration. This is just a little blog I decided to start to share my passion for cars, or anything with an engine mounted to it, with other people.

So who am I? A car expert? A mechanic? A car salesman? Actually, I’m none of the above. I’m a newly married college student who spends way too much time dreaming about the ridiculous ZR1 Corvette I’ll hopefully own one day which I’ll hopefully park in my beautiful two story garage/shop. I’m a guy who loves driving anything with wheels and a motor. I love the open road, the off-road, and everything in between. While some people dream of going to Europe to visit  the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe, I wanna go so I can drive as fast as I want on the Autobahn. So while I may not be an expert on cars, I love everything about them and I hope to share some of that passion with anyone else who has dreams about Ferrari 458’s and Boss 302 Mustangs. So for those of you who share my feelings for engines that make your heart skip a beat and cars that makes you drool, welcome to Acceleration. 

 I hope to make this blog a place where people can experience many different aspects of the auto industry. While I do love extreme automobiles I also love the everyday automobile that most of us drive. So expect a little bit of everything from this blog, from simple informational posts, to how-to videos, to car reviews and the latest and greatest news from the auto world. Since I enjoy every aspect of the auto world this blog will reflect that.  

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